m2c6587 TEKNO NB48.3 GAS buggy CHASSIS SKU 6587

 These chassis are made using 4 MM  thick 7075 T-6 aircraft grade materials and clear anodized.

use of the material greatly increases the overall life of the chassis.

we have tested and tweeked these chassis to provide the racers a top notch chassis that will perform very well on all surfaces.

This model is made for the tracks with a high wear charastic like the tracks we have out West,up north and in Canada

It is important to note that these skid plates fit flush to the bottom of the chassis and will not effect the droop settings and cause you to

scrub speed on the landings.


We have made the diff cutout thru which will allow you to lower the cg of the center diff by 2 mm and added material back

to this area of the chassis to stiffen up this area. This should help decrease the possibility of broken spur gears due to chassis


This model uses the stock motor mount.


hardened front and rear replacable skid plate.

It is advised you replace the skid plate when the edge of the skid plate wears down to 1 mm.

This will make the chassis last much longer.

hardened droop  stops to prevent chassis wear and droop changes




m2c6587 TEKNO NB48.3 GAS buggy CHASSIS SKU 6587
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