Toe blocks are made with 7075 aluminum for maximuim strength and anodized black. The hinge pins are made with 01 hardened tool steel and tapered to allow the hinge pins and arms to rotate togather in the delrin bushing. this is a duel style system meaning that the arms can rotate around the pin as well as the pin rotating in the bushing. what this does is that if you do bend a hinge pin,it will most likely bend in the smallest section of the pin. this area is not in the bushing or the arm, so it will still allow the arm to work properly and not bind. the hinge pins are 4mm dia so you will have to drill out the arm with the supplied drill. the toe blocks are designed to use the m2c racing delrin bushing which has proven to last way longer than the stock injection molded plastic that most manufactors use.(3900 series inserts) the rear toe block is set at stock settings and uses the 1 dot insert(0) degree insert. included in the insert packet is: (4) 1 dot (0) inserts (4) 2 dot (1) offset inserts (4) 3 dot (2) offset inserts (4) 1/4 degree offset inserts (4) 1/2 degree offset inserts This give you a total adjustment range of 1 to 5 degrees toe with fine adjustment of 1 degree either direction from the stock settings This is where 95 % of all system operate: The Antisquat block also uses the same inserts and allows you 1 to 5 degrees of adjustment. Now to the good part, the Rear toe block (D) block has been machined to allow you to lengthen the wheel base by 1/8 inch to fit different track conditions with the use of 1/16 x 4mm id delrin spacers. this will allow you to run the stock settings or 1/8 inch longer simply by moving the bushings. Caution:: this may not be a legal lenth at ROAR races with the arms moved back. part no. m2c7100 replacement hinge pins m2c1701 replacement bushings are 3900 series and are sold seperately in packs of 4.

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